Shinonoi Child Plaza Welcome to Konoyubitomare!

Place where you can play and communicate, for child caring period

KONOYUBITOMARE is the playroom for kids under kindergarten age, from 0 to 3 years old, and the place where guardians can communicate each other. You can come and use here for free.

With the regional community

We have a lot of lectures and events including the summer festival, Setsubun-kaito celebrate the coming of spring and Kei-tora-ichia kind of market that held by light trucks.

Child Care Consultation

If you want any help, feel free to talk to the staffs, including Child Care Concierge any time you need. We have a consultation day with experts (a public health nurse, a midwife, a dental hygienist, a counselor for working, etc.). 


In order to avoid the crowded situation as part of the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, we use the telephone reservation system for the time being, and limit the number of people, children’s age, and the available time, etc.

Preschool children can use on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Please have a look the usage for details


Who can use


Children under preschool kindergarten, nursery school and Nintei-Kodomo-Enage and their guardians living in Nagano City

Preschool children can use on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.


Available number of people


12 family and less than 36 people


Available times

1家族 週(月曜日~日曜日)に2回まで 

Up to 2 times a week MondaySundayper family


13: 30 to 14: 30 on the day before the day of use if it is a regular holiday, the day before the regular holiday


If the capacity is not reached, you can make a reservation on the day. 


You can check the reservation status in the morning of the day on the website.



Telephone reservation time


Weekday timetable



Available time and the age of children who can use


未就園児 (令和2<2020>年 4 月 1 日以前に生まれた方)

Children under preschool age Born before 4/1, 2020


未就園児 (令和2<2020>4 月 2日以降に生まれた方)

Children under preschool age Born after 4/2, 2020


未就園児 (月齢を問わず) 

Children under preschool age it doesn’t matter how old is he/she


Saturday, Sunday, and holidays timetable



Available time and the age of children who can use

10:0011:30 未就学児(月齢を問わず)       

Children under elementary school age it doesn’t matter how old is he/she

 13:0014:30 未就学児(令和2<2020>年 4 月 2日以降に生まれた方)

Children under elementary school age Born after  4/2, 2020

 15:0016:30 未就学児(月齢を問わず) 

Children under elementary school age it doesn’t matter how old is he/she




Children attending nursery schools, kindergartens, and Nintei-Kodomo-En can use here on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 




We will check your health before you enter.


If you have a fever or a cold on the day, you cannot use.


Guardians must wear masks and socks, and bring bath towels if necessary.


Eating and drinking room and nap room cannot be used.


Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the use may be stopped suddenly.


Currently, there are many places outside of Nagano Prefecture where the number of newly infected people is relatively high, so for the time being, please be careful going out..If you need to come and go out of Nagano Prefecture, please avoid crowds, take basic infection control measures, and observe your own health.



If there is room for capacity, please call us from 9:40 to 12:00.

When you come and use here with two or more children, please apply the elder kid’s age.

The phone number when making a reservation is   026-293-8860

Information on “Yuzuriai Box.”

We are accepting the used children’s clothes, child care products, baby clothes and maternity clothes for reuse.  

Let us know if you need something.

We are looking for child seats that you do not use anymore

If you have one, please bring it here.